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Relevant, accessible and expert care for you and your child’s emotional health

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Relevant, accessible and expert care for you and your child’s emotional health

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Relevant, accessible and expert care for you and your child’s emotional health

Benefits of counselling with Skooc

  • No hassles of commuting or travel - Face-to-face via video means there is no more stress of traveling to a Counsellor/Therapist's office in heavy traffic.
  • Greater appointment flexibility - Counsellors/Therapists are available for longer hours to accommodate your timings, locations, and schedules.
  • Get the best talent for you - Skooc hand-picks and trains the best Counsellors/Therapists so that you have the perfect fit for you or your child regardless of where you are based.
  • More customization - Acute illnesses and disorders might need shorter but more frequent sessions, which we are able to customize through our video sessions.

Providing you the Best Online Counseling Services - The Skooc Journey

Skooc helps you and your family deal with stress, improve productivity, manage conflicts and increase overall well-being.

All enquiries are responded to within 24 hours
Clients are scheduled for an appointment within 48 hours
Clients have shown significant improvement in their condition
Clients have reported that they see a positive change in their children and their own lives after counselling with Skooc

What Parents are Saying

R. Saravanan


My son Akshat is 13 and stopped going to school. Everyday when we would wake hi he will start to refuse and in one hour there was screaming, crying and drama. My wife and I were so tired and exhausted. School was also getting very tough on us. When we came to Skooc, we were desperate and we got very good counselling for my son and for us. We came to understand how he was bullied and that has caused trauma. We never thought how severe it is for him. Miss Rowena helped us to also manage his fear very well. He is now able to go back and teachers are also supporting him

Srinivas Mohan


I was very unsure about making my teenager son do online therapy sessions. I thought online will not be so effective. But I am so glad I tried it. I can see great improvement in his behaviour. I also understand him better now. His anxiety and anger issues are under control now. Thanks to our counsellor Shreya.



My daughter Ria was teased very badly in school for being fat and would be very embarrassed about even going out. When we went to the doctor we were shocked to find out that she was very overweight and had high cholesterol. We joined Skooc and both she and I have dropped our extra weight and even after finishing the full course are able to stick with the habits we learnt at Skooc. We are both very happy with our new healthy bodies.

Lavanya Sethi


My child who is 5 was behaving very badly and was beating me. She was disobedient and would show anger. When I called to Skooc, I was very sad and did not know what to do. With play therapy for my daughter and with parenting therapy for me, in 2 months she was behaving like other children in her age. I was very happy and she was also not getting angry at me. Thank you to our counsellor Shilpi.

Sulakshana Pai


My 16 year old struggled with anxiety and was in a bad shape. The counselling at Skooc has helped with his difficulty in studies and exams.. The counsellors are really good

Sheela Modi

Delhi NCR

My son has lost 15 kgs and I lost 10 kgs through the Skooc program. It was easily paced and did not ever restrict my child from eating anything that was essential. He had a balanced meal everyday and he and his counsellor agreed on a schedule that was easy for me to cook too. From a child who watched TV all the time and ate junk food, Ayaan is now an active child and a healthy eater who is very happy and confident with how he looks.

Irfan Salim


We really struggled with our 10 year old daughter’s ADHD. We have consulted more than 6 counsellors and saw no effect. At Skooc Dr.Jasmin helped us very much by taking smaller sessions to help Sanaa focus more. And in just 2 months we saw so much better results. She is better in her daily habits and also in her studies Very satisfied with the treatment for my hyperactive child and parent counselling.

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