Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT)

Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is a behaviour-based, family-focussed program designed to help improve the parent-child relationship through improved interaction. In this program, the therapist works with the parents and the child and studies and facilitates a change in their interaction styles thereby helps in the development of effective parenting techniques and reductions in behaviour issues and may also lead to a stronger familial relationship.

This approach is used for parents of children with disruptive behaviours. 

Ages 2-8

Ages 9 and above





The program uses a unique combination of behavioral therapyplay therapy, and parent training to teach more effective discipline techniques and improve the parent–child relationship.

PCIT is typically administered once a week, with 1-hour sessions, for 8-12 sessions total and consists of two treatment phases: 

Child-Directed Interaction (CDI) 

focuses on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship, which in-turn will help promote changes in behaviour.

Parent-Directed Interaction (PDI)

continues to encourage appropriate play while also focusing on a structured and consistent approach to discipline


Expected outcomes

Developmental Assesments, Therapy and Counselling Sessions at Narayana Clinic, Sarjapura Road, Bengaluru.

What People are Saying about Skooc

Niharika Chawla


Hi Devi, Just to let you know today was the last day of our 12 week PCIT. There has been a huge change in Shrey’s behaviour and our frustration levels also. When you explained the program to us first I just went with you because I was so desperate. But The program is so well planned and conducted that we could see changes in our behaviour and my son’s. Now we have a child who is not throwing tantrums and being difficult in public. He is so much better at school and we are also much more confident about managing him.

Preeti Krishnamurthy


Thank you for the counselling and guidance for helping Aanya back to school. As you know COVID made it so difficult for small children especially and getting my 6 year old daughter back to school was really becoming very tough. Thanks to your program on PCIT, we were able to overcome this fear in her and get her back. Thanks also for helping me as a parent manage my emotions and feelings.

Sachin Gupta


Good evening. Pooja and I want to thank you a lot for all your help with Viaan’s social difficulty in school. We never realised how much anxiety a 9 year old could be experiencing and how it was showing up. Thank you for helping us get back our calm and kind child and also helping us understand these problems in such great detail.